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PIX, is an established name in Agricultural Belts. Agricultural Belts work in the most arduous environment and have to withstand adverse conditions, while operating.
PIX Agricultural Belts are made up of -
Tough tensile members with specially formulated rubber compound to withstand the rough and tough conditions encountered in Harvester Combines.
They are resistant to shock loads, vibrations and high abrasion with very low elongation.
They are antistatic and oil resistant.
High power transmission capacity
Suitable for small pulley diameters
Maximum Belt linear speed up to 60 m/Sec
Extended service life
High temperature resistant from : -35°C to +130°C
Timing Belts are one of the most important part of Power Transmission drives. Timing Belt can be best described as Belt with integrally moulded teeth on its inside which makes positive engagement with axially grooved pulley. Timing Belt is also known as synchronous Belt or positive-drive Belt. Timing Belt drive is not considered as a substitute or replacement to other modes of Belt drives.
Timing Belts exhibit important properties such as fixed speed ratio, no re-tensioning after installation, low maintenance with wide variety of power transmission capacities and drive speeds.
Doorwin Technologies Pvt. Ltd is Leading the market as the manufacturer and Supplies of high-quality doors that has been delighting our numerous customers.
If you are looking for the best fan belt, check out our website. We provide fan belts that are flexible synthetic rubber band which connects various engine components together. It is more efficient than the older multiple belt system and consumes less space in the engine compartment.
Variable Speed Belts are specified for applications where changes in speed during operation are common. Part of the V-belt family, it differs in shape considerably to the standard v-belt - having a distinctly broader width and a narrower thickness. PIX Transmissions Ltd is one of the largest stockists of Variable-Speed belts.
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